The Glitter Bridge Explorer: Unlocking Blockchain Transparency and Advanced Data Analytics

Jun 29, 2023

The Glitter Bridge Explorer: Unlocking Blockchain Transparency and Advanced Data Analytics image

The Glitter Bridge Explorer is an advanced data analytics tool designed by Glitter Finance to give users advanced insight into the bridge and the surrounding ecosystem. This powerful tool gives both beginner and experienced users the data they need to gain a complete picture of the Glitter ecosystems and the transactions within.

Even though the Glitter Bridge Explorer provides advanced insights into the bridge network, the interface itself is simple enough for even the newest user to familiarise themselves with. This digital magnifying glass embodies Glitter's commitment to transparency, with a keen focus on documenting cross-chain data analysis and asset movement. The Glitter Bridge Explorer does away with the complexity of the network, making it easy for anyone to explore.

Whether you are a curious user, a digital asset trader, or a data scientist, the Glitter Bridge Explorer has something for everyone.

Bridge Explorer Features

Unleashing the full potential of blockchain data requires tools that are robust and versatile. The Glitter Bridge Explorer is designed with this in mind, offering a suite of powerful features tailored to meet your data analytics needs. From transaction lookup to advanced data search capabilities and deep analytics, the Glitter Bridge Explorer provides a comprehensive toolkit for exploring Glitter ecosystem data like never before.

Transaction Lookup

Users can easily look up transactions and addresses in search. By entering a transaction ID (TX) into the search bar, users can access the details of any specific transaction. This includes Glitter Bridge transaction IDs and the transaction IDs on the chains on either side of the bridge.

Users can also browse all ecosystem transactions and filter them with a range of categories, including time, network, token, and amount. This lets you view all bridge activity at a glance or drill down into specific transaction types depending on the data you're interested in.

The transaction details themselves are comprehensive, with all addresses and the transaction hash clickable, leading you to results within the individual chain's scan page.

Advanced Data Search

In addition to the basic transaction and wallet search features most block explorer users would be familiar with, the Glitter Bridge Explorer provides several advanced search options to take your data analytics to the next level. Users can search by network, multiple addresses, keywords, and transaction status.

For instance, to find bridging transactions between two specific wallets on Algorand and Solana, users can enter the addresses separated by a comma. This reveals all bridging transactions between those two addresses, providing powerful insights for users looking to track specific actions on-chain.

Just as with the transaction lookup, the advanced data search benefits from a range of filters that make sorting through results easy and intuitive.

Deep Analytics

The Glitter Bridge Explorer's Deep Analytics provides insights into bridge activity and trends at a glance. For example, users can quickly check the most popular tokens used to interact with the bridge, including unwrapped USDC moving cross-chain and wrapped tokens supported by the token bridge.

With its easy-to-read, interactive charts, Deep Analytics provides a comprehensive overview of the Glitter ecosystem.

Data Export

For those looking to crunch data with custom formulas, the Glitter Bridge Explorer provides the option to export search result data to CSV. The exported data includes everything visible in the transaction explorer, as well as additional data points like block numbers on sending and receiving chains.


As part of our commitment to usability, Glitter has provided a series of comprehensive tutorials that guide users on how to make the most of the Glitter Brridge Explorer. The tutorials cover a range of topics from basic transaction lookups and advanced data search options, to overviews of Deep Analytics.

Click here to view the Glitter Bridge Explorer guide and to browse other tutorials from the Glitter ecosystem.

A Powerful Tool for Data Transparency

The Glitter Explorer is more than a data analytics tool; it's a commitment to transparency, ease of use, and the power of blockchain technology. With its versatile features and user-focused design, it empowers users to navigate the often complex world of blockchain with ease and confidence.

Whether you're tracking asset movement, conducting cross-chain data analysis, or delving into deep analytics, the Glitter Bridge Explorer empowers you with the information you need. Visit the Glitter Bridge Explorer today to get started, or see the Glitter documentation for more information and guides.