Glitter is a brand changing innovator bridge that brings the everyday user into the crypto world seamlessly.

We smooth the way through current technical and psychological barriers by providing user-friendly, streamlined architecture so that everyone in the world can feel good investing and surfing the crypto wave.


The one bridge

Bridge wrapped assets between multiple blockchain ecosystems.
Launch App
List your token

Solana mass token distribution system

Simplify your token distribution process on the Solana Blockchain.


Move and gain value across all supported blockchains seamlessly.

Bridge Accomplishments


Deposit native tokens on one side and receive wrapped tokens out the other.


Glitter consists of multiple servers that listen to each blockchain independently for bridge transactions.


Assets bridged must be locked on one chain to be released on the other.  Our vault balances must be equal across chains.
Easy to check
Easy to prove

Wrapped Tokens

Lock ALGO in our vault and receive xALGO.Lock SOL in our vault, and receive xSOL.

More information here:


Phase 1


Finished goals archive
OCT 2021 – SEP 2022
Received a grant from the Algorand Foundation
Technical team onboarded
Signed the contract with the Algorand Foundation
Fundraise - finishing all private sale rounds
Tokenomics edited to reflect project needs and goals
IDOs conducted: Seeded Network, Aegis, Lightning Protocol
Listing on CEXs - Bibox, Bitrue
Trader competition and staking done for XGLI via Bibox
Buy back completed for the XGLI
Audits Finished: Certik (Algorand, Solana), RD Auditors (Solana)
Algorand Foundation goal posts met and inspection passed
RD Auditors penetration tests and load tests completed
Bridge backend code shown to the Algorand developer community
Integration of: Sollet, Solflare, MyAlgo, and Pera wallets completed
Bridge testnet 1 completed
Bridge testnet 2 completed
Bridge launched on mainnet, 02/08/2022
DEX Listing completed for the XGLI: Tinyman,
Algostake staking activated for the XGLI XGLI staking activated
XGLI staking created on
Bitrue XGLI staking activated
xSOL created, listed on Humbleswap staking for xSOL created
Algostake staking for xSOL created
Farming created on Humbleswap for xSOL
xALGO listed on Raydium
Sentre staking created for xALGO
Farming created for xALGO on Raydium
Defi Llama listing for the Bridge TVL completed
Glitter Finance Newsletter created
Glitter Vlog and Blogs created
Glitter landing page redesign finished
Glitter web app redesign finished
Listing of xSOL on FXDX completed
Expansion of the backend, technical team completed
Indacoin integration complete for the XGLI, xSOL, and xALGO, allowing the purchase of all tokens via a Visa or Mastercard
Integration of the Phantom wallet complete
Phase 2

Upcoming goals

Q3 2022
XGLI cross-chain swap testnet, audit
XGLI deflationary burn mechanism created and initiated
Bridge Explorer created and implemented
Arbitrage bot created
Bridge capability expanded to bridging and wrapping tokens of individual protocols within the Solana and Algorand ecosystems
Glitter Bridge SDK created and published
Glitter Mobile App research and development
Onboarding of the mobile app development team
Glitter blockchain research and development
Glitter Solana Mass Distribution System - testnet, audit, mainnet completed
Research and Development on the USDC cross-chain swap
Listing of Solana and Algorand protocols to be bridged
Q4 2022
Start of the Glitter blockchain development
XGLI cross-chain swap mainnet
Listing of protocols to be bridged continues
Mainnet for the USDC cross-chain swap
Glitter mobile app development continues




David Dobrovitsky
Khalid Hassan
Aleksei Sdvizhkov
PRoject Manager
Andrew Carl
Principal Software EngineEr
Philippe Dee
Software Engineer
Sarawut Sanit
Software Engineer
Titus Adenugba
Technical Project Manager
Volodymyr Lugovyy
UI / UX Designer
Business development
Dmitriy Krivopishin
Dr. Andreas Mathikolonis
Orion Depp
Jillian Godsil

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This disclaimer, along with the Terms and Conditions, constitutes a binding legal agreement, between yourself and Glitter Finance (Glitter Finance UAB, Glitter Finance OU).

Virtual Assets are extremely volatile which means that their value and applicable exchange rates may change dramatically in a very short time depending on various factors and forces. Furthermore, the composition of Virtual Assets supplied to certain Third-Party Services, whether through the App or otherwise, may change, their value may go up or down, or drop significantly. Glitter Finance shall not be responsible for or held liable in connection with any damages or losses that you may incur as a result of or in connection with the change in the composition, value or price of your Virtual Assets.

$XGLI is not available for traders/users of the United States of America, for a citizen of any country that is on the sanctioned list, and for a citizen of any country where crypto tokens are currently prohibited. Usage (buying/trading/holding) of the XGLI by any individual from the above-mentioned countries constitutes a breach of contract and a violation of the Glitter Finance Terms and Conditions. Further information is available here.
Why is Glitter bridging between Algorand and Solana?
Bridging these two blockchains allow us to offer traders the ability to work with two of the most powerful DeFi ecosystems.
What is the function of the $XGLI token within the Glitter ecosystem?
XGLI is in itself a bridging mechanism as it is native to all blockchain Glitter integrates. XGLI is used as an incentive token, which allows traders to farm and stake at the same time on all supported blockchains. In the future, holders of the XGLI will gain exposure to swap and farming fees, within the Glitter ecosystem.
Why is the $XGLI token supply spread over two blockchains?
We conceived the XGLI as a blockchain agnostic token, which will prioritize flexibility and interoperability above all else. As such, the XGLI is native to all blockchains the Glitter Bridge supports.
Where can I find more information about the Glitter Bridge?
You can find information about the audits and penetration tests that the bridge underwent in the links provided under the AUDIT section found on
Where can I find more details about $XGLI?
Where can I share my feedback about the Glitter products?
All feedback can be sent to or via our Telegram group.
How do I transfer assets from one blockchain to another blockchain?
Currently, the CEXs that support the XGLI, Bibox and Bitrue, allow for an interchangeability of the XGLI between the two blockchains. However, we are currently developing our own platform swap, which will enable this function.
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