Algorand Foundation
Glitter Finance receives grant award to support the creation of a cross-chain bridge between five blockchain ecosystems.
Glitter Finance, cross-chain bridge connecting Algorand and Solana announces IDO on Solstarter.
Black Dragon
5Ws & 1H session with GLITTER FINANCE.
Advanced Cross-Chain Bridge Glitter Finance Seeks to Connect Algorand to Solana.
Algorand Governor's Club
Glitter Finance, a recent recipient of a grant from the Algorand Foundation. Their public TESTNET is launching next week (tentative launch date 2/15).
Black Dragon
Glitter Finance creates synthetic versions of the collateralized tokens on the new chain, boosting capital efficiency and liquidity across the platform.
Algoracle is excited to announce a partnership with Glitter Finance to utilize Algoracle data feeds in the Glitter Finance Network on the Algorand blockchain.
Smart Liquidity
Cudos and Algorand to be Integrated by Glitter Finance’s Cross-chain Bridge.
Advanced Cross-Chain Bridge Glitter Finance Seeks to Connect Algorand to Solana
Crypto Daily
Glitter Finance Creates Algorand-Solana Bidirectional Bridge.
Startup Pill
101 Best Estonia Cryptocurrency Startups – The Future of Crypto.
Startup Stash
Glitter Finance among the Top Estonian Startups To Watch in 2022
Glitter Finance Creates Algorand-Solana Bidirectional Bridge.
AMB Crypto
Glitter Finance improves cross-chain communication with new DeFi trading platform.
Connecting The Dots of DeFi: Interview with CEO of Glitter Finance.
Defi金融领域、跨链桥结构还存在诸多缺点,就资金效率低下的问题来说,Glitter Finance 带来的创新是奔着“能够广泛应用”去的,其独立于互联平台运行,可在各种区块链网络上运行。这一点是通过将 Glitter Bridge 创建的合成资产重新部署到Glitter Finance平台中的综合收益池中来实现的。
爱沙尼亚的科技公司Glitter Finance宣布了一个新型同名算法交易平台——Glitter Finance。该平台 部署了AI和机器学习,从而使交易者一键点击便可轻松实现多个区块链网络互动。无需中间商或交 易所,社区成员在AI科技的帮助下便能够把他们锁仓的数字资产从一条链转到另一条链上。
该项技术帮助交易者更切实地从Defi流动性挖矿中获利,即在某条链上锁定TVL(总锁仓价值),然 后在另一条链上产生新的代币。交易者可以一键锁币在保险库,然后在另一条不同的链上创建铸币的其他版本,这也被称作“包装代币”。据此,Glitter Finance将减少传统金融世界的中间商,从而实现交易者间、投资者间及与平台无缝交易,从中获利。
Glitter Finance annonce une nouvelle plateforme de trading algorithmique – qui déploie l’IA et l’apprentissage automatique pour aider les traders à interagir facilement entre plusieurs réseaux de blockchain, en un clic.
Crypto Family
С помощью технологии ИИ (искусственного интеллекта) члены сообщества Glitter Finance смогут перемещать свои цифровые активы из одного блокчейна в другой без помощи брокерских фирм или бирж.
Glitter Finance, Ara Bağlantıyı İyileştiriyor, Yeni Ve Kullanımı Daha Kolay DeFi Ticaret Platformunu Duyurdu.
Upto 300% APY
Farming is available on CropperFinance for the $XGLI token with up to a 300% return. Link to Cropper below to setup your account.
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Why is Glitter bridging between Algorand and Solana?
Bridging these two blockchains allow us to offer traders the ability to work with two of the most powerful DeFi ecosystems.
What is the function of the $XGLI token within the Glitter ecosystem?
XGLI is in itself a bridging mechanism as it is native to all blockchain Glitter integrates. XGLI is used as an incentive token, which allows traders to farm and stake at the same time on all supported blockchains. In the future, holders of the XGLI will gain exposure to swap and farming fees, within the Glitter ecosystem.
Why is the $XGLI token supply spread over two blockchains?
We conceived the XGLI as a blockchain agnostic token, which will prioritize flexibility and interoperability above all else. As such, the XGLI is native to all blockchains the Glitter Bridge supports.
Where can I find more information about the Glitter Bridge?
You can find information about the audits and penetration tests that the bridge underwent in the links provided under the AUDIT section found on
Where can I find more details about $XGLI?
Where can I share my feedback about the Glitter products?
All feedback can be sent to or via our Telegram group.
How do I transfer assets from one blockchain to another blockchain?
Currently, the CEXs that support the XGLI, Bibox and Bitrue, allow for an interchangeability of the XGLI between the two blockchains. However, we are currently developing our own platform swap, which will enable this function.
This disclaimer, along with the Terms and Conditions, constitutes a binding legal agreement, between yourself and Glitter Finance (Glitter Finance UAB, Glitter Finance OU).

Virtual Assets are extremely volatile which means that their value and applicable exchange rates may change dramatically in a very short time depending on various factors and forces. Furthermore, the composition of Virtual Assets supplied to certain Third-Party Services, whether through the App or otherwise, may change, their value may go up or down, or drop significantly. Glitter Finance shall not be responsible for or held liable in connection with any damages or losses that you may incur as a result of or in connection with the change in the composition, value or price of your Virtual Assets.

$XGLI is not available for traders/users of the United States of America, for a citizen of any country that is on the sanctioned list, and for a citizen of any country where crypto tokens are currently prohibited. Usage (buying/trading/holding) of the XGLI by any individual from the above-mentioned countries constitutes a breach of contract and a violation of the Glitter Finance Terms and Conditions. Further information is available here.