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Why is XGLI token not verified?
It is verified by AlgoExplorer.
Why does Algorand XGLI supply have the  clawback & freeze functions enabled?
As a security measure. 
Why has the supply of XGLI tokens increased to 500M? 
The tokenomics were updated in line with our advisor's suggestions, to reflect the increased value of the project, and allow us to fully build the product. Tokenomics were changed to reflect the changed scope of the project.
Why is the XGLI supply spread over two blockchains?
This is to facilitate the liquidity needed for the bridge. 
What is the function of the XGLI within the Glitter ecosystem?
It is a DAO governance and incentives token. The XGLI can be used as part of the staking mechanism as well as within the native token swap on the Glitter platform.